Advanced notice of changes on Monday 11th March 2024 that may impact some customer's ability to send and receive emails.

We have been notified by our service provider that, as part of their ongoing process to ensure their servers remain secure and updated, they will be migrating the Paston Chase service currently on to

(This is required because the operating system our server currently uses will be End-Of-Life in Q3 2024, and will no longer receive security or other updates after this date).

Our migration date will be Monday 11th of March 2024 - migration completed overnight.

This change will only effect customers who currently use as their Incoming and/or Outgoing Mail Server.

If you do NOT use no action is required.

If you are using Windows:

Go to Control Panel
Click on Mail (Microsoft Outlook)
Click on Email Accounts
Double click on each email account to check the Server Information
If the server name is for either Incoming or Outgoing Mail Server (or both) change to

If you are using MacMail:
Click on the “Mail” button (top left)
From the drop-down menu that appears select “Preferences”
Click on the “Accounts" icon that appears in the top menu of the next screen
Click on the “Server Settings" icon that appears in the top menu of the next screen
If the Host name is for either Incoming or Outgoing Mail Server (or both)
change to

If you are using Thunderbird:

Within Thunderbird right-hand click your email address and select Settings.
Then select Server Settings.

If the Server Name is for Incoming Server
change to

Then check the Outgoing Server (SMTP)
If the Server Name is for Outgoing Server
change to


If you require telephone support please call 01603 340010, and leave a message (including your contact details) if the line is busy.
We request that customers (in advance of requesting support) install SupRemo, a Remote Desktop control application which is secure and available for free from the website and click on the “Download” button.