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We are a one stop shop for service and support, should you have a query, requirement or problem, you need only to make one call, as we can take total responsibility for it all.

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Speed Matters

Make your apps faster

We do everything we can to make sure that your apps are as fast as possible: fast disks in a RAID-10 setup, Nginx web server, under crowded servers, top datacenters with excellent network connections.

The speed of your site affects every metric you care about: –

Bounce rate
Search ranking
Page views
Reader satisfaction
And just about every major retailer online has come to the same conclusion: making your site faster can increase conversions.

One question becomes very important and is load time. While increasing your site speed is really important and should be done for the user’s experience, it can also improve your conversion rate, and page speed affects SEO. Google may rank a web site by site speed, where other factors are the same. If competing pages have high relevancy scores and close link metrics, page speed may come into play.