Content Management System CMS web sites

Paston Chase allow you to take control of your web site.

Content Management System CMS web sites allow each user the ability to update web sites or a web application.  Paston has created an easy to use administration system, making maintenance as simple as word-processing. The use of the familiar document editors will enhance the user experience when making changes.
You can add new menu options & pages, change text and pictures, spell-check, create tabular information, add PDF files, link to other pages, have preset styles and headings and much more:

News and Event Modules

These modules make it easy to keep the web site up to date.  News items can be set to expire, so no "old news".

Web Applications and On-Line Databases

The web sites can have additional modules, easily added.  For example this could be an Ecommerce shop or a calendar showing availability.
Built in Optimisation tools for good SEO help the web user promote their web site.
These modules can also help the user improve and monitor the web site's position in Google and other search engines.

Social media

Online Marketing and links to Social media applications increase visibility


We maintain Web 2.0 standards and W3C validations in all the web sites we design and develop. The web site we develop includes:

  • Great first impression
  • Good navigation and usability
  • Quick loading
  • Search engines will be able to access your content


We typically include training in how to keep your web site up to date, when we quote for a project.  Training videos are often used to reinforce the training.